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Rappler’s Ressa is a colossal con man




Rappler’s Ressa is a colossal con man



OR con woman, con person. Whatever.

Rappler CEO and Editor in chief Maria Aycardo Ressa has successfully fooled Western media that she is a Filipino journalist with little means who is fighting her country’s authoritarian President bent on suppressing media dissent.

The reality is that she is a well-off American citizen, who acquired Filipino citizenship in 2004 to make it legally easier for her to work as a manager at ABS-CBN Broadcasting, a media company where foreigners are banned by the Constitution from participating.

The Rappler website she claims to be leading the fight against a strongman President was set up in 2011, initially as a weapon for President Aquino’s assault against the Supreme Court by removing Chief Justice Renato Corona.

It was its reckless, journalistically unprofessional undertaking of that role that got it in serious legal trouble. It posted a libelous report that Corona was using an SUV provided by a businessman, whom it identified by name and whom it claimed was engaged in “human trafficking and drug smuggling.” The businessman of course was so angry to be maligned as such, and filed the libel suit.

After that aim of removing the Chief Justice was achieved, Rappler has been the Yellow regime’s apologist, financed in so many ways by government contracts and a Yellow oligarch’s covert financial support.


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Quelle: Manila Times

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