Ungewöhnlicher Wassertanker in CDO




Filipinos will do whatever it takes to live, work and survive…

In an area between Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon there are Filipinos who live on the side of highway that stretches up away from the ocean. If you drive the road you will see something very unique…


The locals needed to adapt a way to bring water up to their homes. They created wooden carts with bamboo floors (kariton)! Using a special rope hitch, they will ride up and down the steep road for free. It gives them a livelihood and allows them to get water to their families.

Yes it is dangerous, and yes it looks a little crazy…

But you have to hand it to these guys. Their ingenuity is second to none!! That is some serious Filipino creativity! These guys are legends! Today I hitched a ride randomly with Kuya Randy (a local I met at the bottom of the hill).


VIDEO (6:32)





Die Philippinen im Video


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