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Das vergessene Erbe des Paris von Asien


REBUILD AND REPLICATE OLD MANILA NOW!!! Warsaw,Poland(the most damaged city in the world) did replicated it’s old beauty and build their heritage structure authentically, so why not Manila?

every other city in Metro Manila should be modern with tall skyscrapers like BGC, they’re just new cities anyway!

but The City of Manila is very very old with a lots of stories to tell, the city should be where we see a glimpse of beautiful past.

Philippines have lost so many Beautiful Filipino Architectures during the War that could define Filipinos as a nation Architecturally like Japan and other countries, In fact Manila was 2nd to Warsaw, to be the most Damaged City in The world during the war.

But little do many Filipinos know that we have lost more beautiful architectures through post war demolition than World War 2’s american and Japan bombs. Instead of Rebuilding Manila and replicating it’s old beauty, we have destroyed it one by one throughout the last 70 years.

It’s time to bring it back through preserving, reusing, reconstruction and replicating Pre-War Beautiful architectures. from the documenatries: National Treasure with Augosto Villalon by Butch Nolasco, The Screen Traveler, The castillan Memoirs:Manila, Ultimate Journey, Landmarks,Warcrimes in Manila.


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