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Die Auswirkungen des Todes von Jose Rizal

von Sir Dieter Sokoll KR

Es würde meinen Zeitrahmen sprengen, diese beiden Artikel von YEN MAKABENTA ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Deswegen werde ich hier einen kleinen Ausschnitt aus Part 1 und Part 2 für den interessierten Leser im Original veröffentlichen.


No grave for Jose Rizal, fake retraction for his criticism

Part 1
First word
AS the nation marks today the 121st anniversary of the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal, I shall address this and my next column to certain aspects of Rizal’s story that are dimly seen by our public because of the curtain of reverence and repression that shadows our memory of him.

We commemorate him frequently and extol his many achievements, yet the net result of all the remembering is that Filipinos know so little of him. …read more


Rizal remains a living and burning issue among us

Part 2
First word
IT was hoped by the ecclesiastical and civil authorities that Rizal’s life would end with his death in Bagumbayan. But from the day of his execution to this day, Rizal has been in this country a living issue and often a burning one – the soul of contention between Catholics and freethinkers, a bone for the tug of war between church and state in the control of education, and the subject of bitter debate over the authenticity or fraudulence of his supposed retraction of his words and deeds.

It is sickening that so selfless and splendid a death as Rizal’s was followed by so much falsehood and controversy. But this has been Rizal’s peculiar fate, and perhaps finally his triumph. He was so formidable opponents had to lie about him, even when he was already dead and buried. …read more



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